Workshop against myths about agricultural aviation

Agricultural entities from the Maranhão State, with support from Sindag, will hold a meeting on Friday (12th) to showcase the technical capacity and safety of the sector

The importance of aeroagricultural technology for productivity and safety in crops will be presented next Friday (July 12). It will take place within the 54th Agricultural Exhibition in the city of Imperatriz (EXPOIMP, its acronym in Portuguese), which takes place in the State of Maranhão (Northeast Brazil). This is a field day promoted by the Maranhão Agriculture and Livestock Federation (FAEMA) and the Imperatriz Rural Union (SINRURAL), with support from the National Union of Agricultural Aviation Companies (SINDAG).

The program, at the Lourenço Vieira da Silva Exhibition Park, will have the participation of political authorities, small rural producers, journalists, community leaders and visitors in general. The objective is to respond to an existing controversy in the State, where councilors, public prosecutors, the Public Ministry and even the Catholic Church are promoting a campaign to ban agricultural aviation in several municipalities.

Everything is based on a lack of knowledge and even fake news about the risks of aerial applications. Including absurdities such as the loss of most of the inputs applied and false information about contamination of populations. The most glaring example was a case of children with itchy skin, where both the police investigation and the care of health authorities confirmed that it was a case of scabies.

The field day in Maranhão is part of SINDAG’s effort to combat myths surrounding aeroagricultural activity. Mainly among people who have no experience in large-scale agriculture or who attack agribusiness only for ideological reasons or political interests.

 With the focus on also making it clear that taking away from agriculture the planes, helicopters and drones that take care of plantations would actually increase the risks to people and the environment. This is because in Brazil, aerial tools are the only ones with specific and comprehensive rules regarding care when working in the field. Despite the risks in pesticide applications being the same for ground or aerial applicators.


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